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RICS Level 1

Property Valuation


RICS Level 2

Home Buyers Survey Report

RICS Level 3

Home Survey Standard (Survey Only)

RICS Property Valuation

Completed via a physical inspection, these reports not only provide an independent assessment on the current value of the property but also an effective tool from which to renegotiate the asking price.

When providing these valuations, our surveyors will consider the age, size, and condition of the home (as well as several other factors) before comparing these to similar properties that have sold in the local area.

Because of this, our Private Valuations are suitable for a wide range of purposes including:

RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 3


For homeowners looking to redeem their Help to Buy equity loan.

Shared Equity

For anyone looking to sell or ‘staircase’ (buy more shares in) their shared ownership property.

Probate IHT

A requirement of the probate process to value the assets of the deceased’s estate.

Reinstatement Costs

Outlines the full costs involved in rebuilding your property in the event of major loss due to an insured peril such as fire, flood, impact damage, escape of water, etc.

Secured Lending

May be required if your lender asks you to find a valuer when your property will be security for a loan.

Capital Gains

Required whenever a residential asset is being sold or disposed of and can be retrospective where a ‘base date’ is required for the calculation.

RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 2

RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 2 (Survey Only)

A Home Survey Standard Level 2 refers to a detailed inspection that will provide the prospective purchaser with many important details on the condition of the property – identifying any potential defects or issues that should be raised with a legal advisor.

As a non-invasive inspection, the surveyor will consider the interior and exterior of the property and allocate any areas of concern with a condition rating. This traffic-light based system includes the following three ratings:

Condition Rating 1

Routine Maintenance Only –
No Immediate Repairs Are Required

Condition Rating 2

Non-critical Repairs Are Required

Condition Rating 3

Critical Repairs Are Required

RICS Home Survey Standard – Level 3 (Survey Only)

This report represents the most detailed appraisal available to homeowners.

By commenting on the structure and composition of the building, as well as any potential concerns or defects, they aim to provide a more detailed inspection of the property.

Despite being non-invasive, these reports also represent our most bespoke product that can be adapted to suit your personal needs or requirements.

RICS Property Valuation

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